ArcLight Presents...CHEMICAL CUT (NYR)

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ArcLight Presents...CHEMICAL CUT
Rating NYR
Running Time 83 min
Genre Drama
Director(s) Marjorie Conrad
Release Date 05/08/2016
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ArcLight Presents...CHEMICAL CUT (NYR)

Cast: Marjorie Conrad, Ian Coster, Leah Rudick

SLAMDANCE CINEMA CLUB: Irene, a twenty-three-year-old artistic misfit, pursues a modeling career to escape her dead-end retail job but is quickly disillusioned by the cutthroat nature of the Los Angeles fashion world. Searching for identity and a kindred spirit while surrounded by competition, absurdity, and so many nude bras, Irene flounders until a mysterious woman's performance ignites her imagination. Run Time: 83 mins.

Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles)

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