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Exhibits at ArcLight | hazart

The Exhibit

Cinematic Exposure Scene One is a photo series featuring single, long exposures of sequences from films. The series contains 47 frames from 35 feature films and five of the artist’s short films. Other than the short films (where the exposure lasts the entire runtime), each piece is a memorable or iconic scene or sequence from a film ranging from short clips to large sections. The result is a sort of impressionism; an abstract that exposes the mood and rhythm of what was performed, captured on cameras and edited together. They are concentrated visuals that feel like a Monet painting of a cinematic landscape and have a depth which reveals more nuanced detail the longer you look at them — quite like how movies are stored in our memories; not as entire pieces but as fragments and segments that fold flat, neat and beautiful, ready to unpack when they surface into our consciousness.

The Artist(s)

The  artist  hazart are a collaborative duo that has been working and creating together for fifteen years. Having met while at university, these fast friends began a joint effort towards creating unique works produced by common goals, complimentary tastes, and a commitment to knowledge, craft, and technique. While their background is predominately in filmmaking (writing and directing), photography has been a constant part of the team’s partnership through the years.

Using the tools and knowledge gleaned from years on sets of motion pictures and episodic series, hazart struck out on their own, writing and directing five short films in just a few years— which have been seen around the globe—all while developing longer form works and discovering their artistic voice in photography and fine art.

In ‘Cinematic Exposure, Scene One’ hazart has combined their devotion to the masters of cinema with their love of photography to produce an impressionism of movie memories. By capturing sequences and scenes of films they admire, hazart has found a method through which they can paint with the moving light of movies and create something both new and nostalgic; familiar and unconventional.

It is their hope that these prints will grace the walls of cinephiles, filmmakers, and fine art collectors, alike.

Process & Finishing

As film lovers and filmmakers, our admiration for movies and the people who make them runs through to our core. Our development of the frames was part form and part function. We chose deliberate segments from the films which are iconic or otherwise memorable, but also restricted our ultimate decisions to consider the quality of the resulting image. Whether the exposures were less than a minute or closer to an hour long, the final product needed to feel like the film and conjure the zeitgeist these memories inhabit.

The images are printed from digital files and then, using a laser exposed photo paper, processed through developing chemicals. The end result, a c-print, is a perfect amalgam of modern technology and a true photographic print. The photo is then front-mounted to UV protective and anti-reflective TruLife® acrylic, giving the aesthetic that they are projected on a wall. Essential, is our close collaboration with the Los Angeles lab, PC Colour, whose decades of experience and expertise ensure the final product is finished to museums’ archival standards.