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ArcLight Presents... Slamdance Cinema Club 2017 Lineup in Hollywood and Chicago

ArcLight Presents... is proud to announce the 2017 Slamdance Cinema Club lineup. Every month, Slamdance Cinema Club will present new films from the 2017 festival slate. Screenings will take place at Hollywood and Chicago, and each screening will be accompanied by a filmmaker Q&A, with high profile surprise guests and moderators. Every Hollywood screening will be followed by Q&A. 


December 10th at 8 PM (ArcLight Hollywood) 

Q&A to follow with...TBD

December 12th at 7 PM (ArcLight Chicago)

Synopsis: A smart and sassy comedy, featuring show-stopping performances by Pia Shah and Emily C. Chang from Tanuj Chopra (director of Punching at the Sun). PhD candidate Cam is struggling to complete a favor for her drug-dealing fiance: deliver a large bag of weed to an unknown buyer. On one hand she feels a sense of loyalty to her partner but she doesn’t want to feel like a mule. She processes her decision in a park with her lifelong stoner best friend Jinky. They embark on a day they will not soon forget.

Sunday, December 10th - Hollywood
Tuesday, December 12th - Chicago

Hollywood 12/10

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Chicago 12/12

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"Anarchy Shorts"

December 11th at 8 PM (ArcLight Hollywood) 

Q&A to follow with...filmmakers

December 13th at 8 PM (ArcLight Chicago)


  • Hell Follows
  • Ape Sodom
  • TheBox
  • Vitamins For Life
  • Horseshoe Theory
  • In a World of Bad Breath
  • What a Beautiful World This Will Be
  • Silverhead
Anarchy Shorts
Monday, December 11th - Hollywood
Wednesday, December 13th - Chicago
Anarchy Short

Hollywood 12/11

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Chicago 12/13

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Honey Buddies
Monday, March 21st - Hollywood
Thursday, March 31st - Chicago