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ArcLight Presents...

ArcLight Presents... is a year-round program curated and hosted by ArcLight Cinemas. It offers you the opportunity to experience an exciting selection of archival, digital, and first-run films, all in the very best environment.

Whether the program features anniversary screenings, restorations of classics, exclusive engagements of new films, intimate Q&As with filmmakers, or simply an occasion to enjoy your favorites once again, ArcLight Presents... is an invitation to celebrate the films you love and to discover new favorites. 

Tickets for ArcLight Presents... are available on-line, on-site at our automated kiosks, and at the specific theater's box office. NOTE SCREENING LOCATION PRIOR TO PURCHASING TICKETS. 

Recent ArcLight Presents... screenings include:

Classic Films   Exclusive Limited-Releases    Classics w/ Q&As    Exclusive Content
Films as diverse as The Shining, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Blazing Saddles, Casablanca, The Breakfast Club, Jaws, with 35 MM screenings and more.   CBGB with director Q&A. Critically acclaimed documentaries such as Tattoo Nation, and The Stone Roses: Made of Stone.   JFK and a Q&A with Oliver Stone; Galaxy Quest and a Q&A with Tim Allen; The Exorcist and a Q&A with director William Friedkin; and The Outsiders with Oscar-winner Fred Roos.   Extended Lone Ranger behind-the-scenes footage.
Exclusive live-streaming of Man of Steel premiere.

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      This is a 3D showing
      Presented in ArcLight Wide Screen
      Each guest must be over 21 years old and have a valid ID
      Screened in the Historic Cinerama Dome
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      Q&A after the show
      Stay after the credits for ArcLight Stories
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